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When brainstorming about the inspiration and mood of our next collection, we knew we wanted to take things on a very different direction. While keeping with the amazing quality and authenticity of our products, it kept swirling in our minds the comments from some people new to SUSU, in which they loved the bags but wouldn't know where to wear them to, how to style them and even if they would look good on them. Invariably, every time I personally had this conversation with anyone, as soon as I put their favorite SUSU Bag on them and show them that "there is no rule or matchy-matchy premise" when using one, people fell in love and completely understood that these pieces were wearable art.

It was then important to us to make a more "grounded" collection, in which the whimsical soul of Wayúu Designs would merge with our every day surroundings, making it raw, real, urban...

Bogota, Colombia

I personally always loved the fact that the Wayúu found inspiration to their creations in the rough nature and landscape of La Guajira, finding art in the most ingenious of places like the "Head of a Fly" or the "Tripe of the Cow". Yes, they also knit beautiful flowers, but something about seeing the pattern on these mundane subjects and bringing forth their inherent beauty made us wonder about what would result if we switch their environment and brought it to a congested city like Bogota.

Modernist art pieces, ingenious building lines, patternless interconnecting roads and thick morning smog gave way to finding that allusive, every day charm of a city full of people and dreams.

We shoot the editorial this summer in Bogota, with Jenniffer, the coolest Colombian model with an earthy grace and incredible attitude; and Juan and his team, our most loyal companion and photographer, who has been with us from the beginning, understanding our passion for all things Fair with the Wayúu and the biggest champion of SUSU.

It was an incredible experience with results we could not be more proud of: a collection that shows the adaptability of the Wayúu artistic technique; how the #susugal, a confident woman unafraid to take chances, can style and complement her daily life with her SUSU; and an homage to the city, with its inclement sharp angles but with a soft, pulsing heart.

We hope you love it as much as we do. 



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