I became interested in sustainable fashion during my college career when I found myself paying closer attention to the fast fashion industries I was investing so much money into. It was very common for my friends and I to go out shopping once a month or so and pick up new and trendy pieces. After some time, I began to question why the clothes were so affordable and how the companies were able to produce new collections so rapidly. Thus began my interest in the realm of sustainable fashion.


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Unsure of how to begin shopping sustainable? Follow my simple guide!

The first step to shopping sustainable is to avoid fast fashion clothing stores. These are the stores that mass produce trendy pieces practically overnight. Not only do these stores lack authenticity, they lack quality. Low cost clothing should not be seen positively! Shop smart and think practically!


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Second, check out your local thrift stores for vintage or upcycled pieces! If the item isn’t perfect, just remember you can alter it to make it more personable and unique. Thrifting is a great way to prevent clothes from being added to the landfill. Give someone else’s clothes a second life!


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 Third, look out for how transparent the company is with their customers. Are they open and honest regarding production and manufacturing? SUSU Accessories is! Check out our post on Instagram featuring one of their artisans, Tila!



Additionally, what organizations are the company affiliated with? Try to keep an eye out for brands apart of the Fair Trade organization. Don’t be afraid to use rankabrand.org as a guide.

Lastly, the easiest way to shopping sustainable is to focus on investing in quality pieces versus pieces that are currently on trend. Quality over quantity!

By Alia Ansari

Student Bachelor of Arts in International Studies DePaul University

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