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The Knitters

The Knitters A wonderful group of knitters works with us. Without them, Susu Accessories wouldn’t be able to exist. These women are all heads of household and they use their art of knitting to support their families. It takes years for a knitter to be able to master her art which start when their first menstruation happens, this period of time is called the enclosure. Enclosure is the period where they make their transition from a girl to a woman. Women learn how to knit and their hair is cut short at the beginning of the enclosure. Her clothes are changed from a girl’s clothes to a woman’s clothes and they take this time to meditate while they are learning to knit. The traditions and the way of knitting are taught by the grandmother and mother. Right now we work with groups in different parts of La Guajira; north, center and south. They organize in groups with a leader chose by them and each group has 15+ women that collaborate with each other to be able to knit every day. They knit during the day and usually meet in one house with their families. While all the women knit, one takes care of the house chores and food for the other knitters and their children. This way they spread their responsibilities of the day by day house chores, while others are able to knit. The more they knit the better they become, and some are very well known within their region for their expertise and unique creations. Like a painted canvas created by an artist, we can tell which bag was knitted by whom just by looking at it. They each have their style of knitting and they each have their patterns and inspirations. The wiser the woman the better her patterns become.

These are some of our talented knitters:

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