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Tue, 05/17/2016 - 22:38 -- admin

Wayúu Kanasu is an ancient technique based on crochet knitting the handbag with a small crochet needle and knitthing with a single thread at a time. This allows the drawings to have a definition similar to a present day TV screen. Usually, it takes an expert Weaver up to 20 days to weave a regular size handbag. In recent years the indigenous Wayúu have had to modify their technique, knitting two threads at the same time, which it is a different technique currently used to be able to knit handbags in less time, 5 days or less, and this is the handbag that has become the Wayúu conventional knapsack that has expanded all over the world, thus making believe that it is the true ancestral Wayúu Kanasu.
But why use a technique that decreases the quality and beauty of the pattern? Why continue knitting under a technique, which as the same artisans have said, is not the pride of their culture? Through the female Kanasu, the Wayúu woman shows the world how wise she is. Not only is this the pride of a Wayúu woman, knitting has also become the main source of income to support their families. Knitting with two strings means weaving faster and therefore cheaper since "unaware and uninformed" common citizens intend to buy these works of art for less money regardless of the knowledge nor the hard work that it’s involved in the creation of the handbag. Is this haggling and eagerness of people to obtain cheap Wayúu products what is causing Wayúu women to retract from knitting bags of one thread or "strand" which is their pride. To buy a single product below fair price, makes us part of the exploitation of the Colombian artists. This is why Susu Accessories works directly with groups of knitters throughout La Guajira in Colombia paying fair prices just so they can weave their art at its finest respecting ancestral techniques. We also devote a part of the profits to these communities from which our weavers are from and educate our clients so they can assess and have knowledge of what is really the Wayúu art and the contribution that their purchase carries out to these communities.

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