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(REF): SIKI001
This bag is handmade using the meticulous crochet technique practiced only by Wayuu women. The Wayuu live in the peninsula of La Guajira in the northern part of Colombia in South America. We work with expert knitters in the region and give back part of our profits to the Wayuu communities. We mainly focus in education programs for Wayuu children.
The SIKI with its possibilities shoulder and cross body options is ideal for an appointment with our friends or business meeting. It is the perfect accessory to elevate a basic jean and t-shirt combination into a chic ensemble.
Leather trim Lined with three pockets to store credit cards, money, keys, phone etc. Also perfect to keep your laptop.
Height: 14 in 
Width: 14 in
Shoulder Strap Length: 14 and 42 in
Care instructions:
Machine wash cold, line dry.




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