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What do we believe in?

Our brand carries an inspirational message to all who choose to become part of this ethical vision.  SUSU’s fashion accessories are embedded with the souls of our talented knitters.  They practice their ancient art not only for survival, but as a sacred act of devotion.  We believe authenticity is missing in the world today.  Our goal is to spread the Wayúu culture’s honesty and originality around the globe. 

What we will never giveup?

We will never betray the Wayúu’s trust by sacrificing the integrity of their product.  Our relationship with the Wayúu comes before any commercial consideration.  Our project assists the Wayúu in sustaining their families, their way of life and their culture.  

What do we care about?

People.  The Wayúu and our clients.  Susu Accessories is guided by the philosophies of social responsibility and sustainability.  We return part of our profits to the Wayúu in order to fund community improvements in areas such as, education and cultural preservation.  As a client of Susu Accessories, you have the opportunity to acquire a high quality, fashionable, unique product while supporting these same moral principles.

Why are we here?

Our roots are in la Guajira.  We were born and raised here.  We carry this place in our hearts and our souls.   Motherhood generated a need for us to reconnect with our heritage.  We felt the need to connect Wayúu culture to the wider world, enriching our collective human heritage.   

What defines us?

We want to be part of a new fashion paradigm.  We choose to deal with clients and distributors who identify with our Fair Trade philosophy and who value our ancestral roots. We want to be recognized as “The Thread Between Two Worlds”; the Arijuna (modern) world, and the traditional Wayúu world.  We are the brand that creates new, high fashion designs that are compatible with contemporary fashion trends, without losing its Wayúu ancestral essence.

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